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course description

Are you ready to take control of your financial future and unlock a world of financial possibilities? Seize this unique opportunity to join the Wealth Accelerator Online Course, offered to you at no cost for a limited time! This extraordinary course serves as your direct path to achieving financial freedom and prosperity.

Presented by United Global Capital’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Joel Hewish, this course is a rare chance to learn from one of the foremost experts in the field of wealth management. With decades of experience and a track record of success, Joel Hewish is committed to sharing his unparalleled insights and strategies with you.


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Course modules

Module 1: Save Smarter, Not Hard

  • Unlock the Secrets to Instantly Boost Your Savings
  • Master Your Money: Record, Track and Analyse Your Spending Habits Like a Pro
  • Utilise a Foolproof Cash Flow Management System
  • Potentially Save Thousands with Smart Debt Refinancing and Management
  • Tap into New Streams of Income

Module 2: Building a Winning Investment Portfolio

  • Harness market volatility for your financial gain and tilt the scales of success in your favour.
  • Select the perfect mix of return, risk and volatility tailored to your unique goals.
  • Identify defensive growth assets to build a robust portfolio.
  • Navigate the Value vs. Growth investment dilemma with confidence.
  • Leverage economic and investment “seasons” to improve your investment position.
  • Identify the perfect time to deploy and harvest assets to improve your financial position.
  • Establish the diversification sweet spot and dollar cost averaging.
  • Discover how the ULTRA-RICH INVEST!!!

Module 3: The Power of Compounding & Leverage

  • How to multiply your wealth by harnessing the extraordinary power of compounded returns for explosive growth.
  • How to supercharge your returns by tapping into additional capital sources, not just your own!
  • How compounding can profoundly impact your financial future and become a cornerstone to your success.
  • What immediate investment action is crucial to your financial future – not knowing this could cost you BIG time!
  • How to pair compounding with leverage and skyrocket your financial results.
  • Finally learn how to avoid costly mistakes and common pitfalls made by novice investors.

Module 4: Mastering The Tax Game

  • Strategic tax planning: Keep more of what you earn.
  • The intricacies of various tax structure and how to exploit the gaps between personal, corporate & superannuation tax rates.
  • Start right, or pay the price: Shifting tax structures can be a costly game.
  • Asset protection in tax planning: Know the benefits and pitfalls of holding assets in diverse structures.
  • Superannuation: Your secret weapon against hefty taxes.
  • Seize opportunities to refine your structure and push your financial strategy to its peak potential.

Module 5: Innovative Strategies for Risk Management

  • Discover the balance between wealth creation & protection.
  • The detailed strategies professionals employ in designing balanced financial plans, tailor-made to meet individual goals & objectives.
  • How to keep growing your wealth while maintaining effective defensive mechanisms within your financial strategies.
  • Different types of insurances, their structures & the implications they have on your overall financial picture.
  • The importance of correctly structuring insurance policies, considering tax benefits & optimal coverage.

Module 6: Wealth Succession

  • The crucial elements of a comprehensive succession plan & its significance in a well-rounded financial strategy.
  • Effective asset structuring for seamless wealth transfer.
  • The vital role of business succession for entrepreneurs.
  • Strategies for optimising tax efficiency in securing your legacy.
  • The advantages of trusts and corporations in a refined succession plan.

About Your Instructor

Joel Hewish

Joel Hewish

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Joel Hewish is the founder, Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer of United Global Capital (UGC). A highly skilled, educated and experienced wealth management professional, Joel established UGC with a vision to bring the world’s best investment opportunities and financial strategies to everyday Australians.

Joel has been engaged in the financial services industry since 2004, helping individuals and families to achieve their goals. Beginning his career at Morgan Wealth Management Group and Colonial First State subsidiary, Avanteos, Joel later worked for boutique investment bank Fortrend Securities, establishing their Private Wealth Management division.

Joel is an experienced and engaging industry speaker, keeping on top of current trends and forecasts, providing in-depth analysis of the latest news and informing clients on events that may affect their investments. He has constantly gone above and beyond in investing in both shares and real estate globally.